How To Remove Yourself From Your Business

For some business owners, they created their business as an asset that would provide for them well into the future. It means they have other future desires like moving to a new location, focusing on other wealth generating strategies, or just spending more time with their family. They built their business to not be another […]

The PDBM Mentor Team Is Expanding: Welcome, Lauren!

Over the last 16 months, Perfect Day Business Mentorship has had the privilege of working with small service-based businesses all over the world. From coffee shops, meal prep companies, physiotherapists, massage therapists, HVAC, digital marketing agencies, virtual agent agencies, floor installation companies, nutrition mentorship, — you name it. PDBM has worked with all types of […]

3 Reasons You’re Ready For Business Mentorship

You’re sitting at your kitchen table. It’s 11PM at night. It’s been a long day. Head in your hands, you let out a big, exhausted sigh. “Surely, this can’t be the way?” you plead with yourself. You opened your business because you love what you do. You love your craft. You love helping people. You […]

Making Decisions Based On Your Gut Feeling

“I feel like we aren’t making money this month.” “I feel like we have a lot of clients quitting this month.” “I feel like I need to focus on my lead generation more.” How many times have you started a sentence like that when someone asks you how your business is going? Most often, business […]

Why I Started PDBM

Today is PDBM Day! One year ago, I officially launched Perfect Day Business Mentorship. 13 years ago, I started my first business to help people change their lives through health and fitness. I had a life-changing experience in my own health and fitness when I found CrossFit in 2008, and I wanted to share this […]

Referrals Are Not A Passive Practice

“Don’t ask me how to get 200 new clients. Show me a list of 200 people you spoke to about your service. Then I can help.” – Seth Godin “How can I add more clients?” is one of the most common questions I field on a daily basis. When we talk about adding more clients, […]

How Giving Away Free Information & Help Can Add More Clients

Your audience is one of your most valuable assets to your business. Most business owners don’t have an audience established, or they aren’t maximizing the benefits of having an audience. Your audience is important because it helps you build your Know/Like/Trust Factor with them. It helps you build your expertise and authority in your space. […]

How Does PDBM Mentorship Work?

Perfect Day Business Mentorship is a 1-on-1 mentorship program. We work with our clients 1-on-1 because this method elicits the fastest results. We are invested in your success, just as much as you are, and we want to help you achieve that as fast as possible. So what does it look like to work with […]

3 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Business Mentor

Most of us started our business because we loved our craft, and wanted to share it with the world. I started out as a fitness coach and I wanted to help people change their lives. That didn’t mean I knew how to run a profitable business. A common story of small business owners everywhere – […]

The Lies Business Owners Tell Themselves

Feel like you lack some motivation to get through your days? A quick Google search can get you hyped up and ready for the day: Motivating, right? Makes you want to run through a wall? Wrong. It’s pretty tough to get hyped up about opening the doors to your business first thing in the morning, […]

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