When You Feel Like Quitting

It’s Monday morning.

You’re slipping your key into the lock on the outside of your building.

Another week of this.

You look at the clock on the wall when you walk inside, and you think to yourself, “There’s going to be people in here in an hour, and I’ve got to put a smile on.”

Your (third) coffee is already cold by the time you take your first sip. You can’t remember if you even had a glass of water this morning.

The calendar in front of you is full. There’s appointments all day. All these people you’re going to have to muster up every ounce of energy to talk to, to engage with, to care about, to entertain.

That feels like a steep mountain to climb. You’re already exhausted and you just woke up.

You start working through your morning checklist, catching up on things that have been there for weeks on end.

Just can’t seem to get them done, there’s never enough time. That’s frustrating.

And that’s when that fleeting thought runs through your mind for the nth time: “This would just be easier if I quit and worked for someone else.”

There it is.

These feelings are fleeting – they come and go – but they’re fixable.

There’s other businesses like yours that are out there succeeding – why is it different for them?

I spoke to a prospect who is a massage therapist and thought it was a world-ending task to try and get his books full, yet earlier that week I spoke to my massage therapist client at PDBM who just recently cracked his first $10k month. It’s possible to succeed.

Acknowledge the feelings, but move with logic.

Here’s 4 steps you can take to turn the ship around:

  1. Don’t wait to hit rock bottom to make changes.
  2. Find a quick win.
  3. Reach out to others.
  4. Hire a mentor.

You’re probably only a few systems away from becoming profitable, and to getting control of your time. If you’re already feeling the depth of the hole, don’t wait until you can’t see the top. It’s time to act.

Give yourself a quick win. You need momentum. What is the quickest, and easiest way you can grab a win? Do you need a new client? Do you need to say no to something? Do you need to offload a task you hate doing? Do you need to do something nice for a client just to feel some appreciation and fill your cup? Find your win, and start building momentum.

Find a support system. Other business owners who are doing the same thing as you, or even just business owners in general. There’s only so much you can share with your friends and family. Having a support system of people who understand your problems on the same level as you is important to finding movement forward. What feels insurmountable to you, might be a problem they’ve solved already.

Lastly, hire a mentor. They have the logical steps you need to take, without the emotion to cloud the way. It’s not failure by having to reach out for help. It’s courage. It’s knowing when you are the thing that’s standing in your own way, and knowing you need to reach outward to get help. Keep fighting the same battle and get nowhere, or find someone who has found the way, and spend less time and money getting to the outcome.

Whatever you do, just don’t quit.

Your problems are solvable.

It’s okay to need help.

Our team is ready to help.

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