How To 10X Your Business & Move To Australia

In this week’s episode of The CEO Clubhouse podcast, we’re sharing Ceri Moore’s success story with you. Ceri Moore owns Gym Resource Pros – a virtual assistant agency for business owners in the fitness industry. In only 3 months, Ceri transformed her business from the inside out, and experienced 10X the growth in revenue and profit coming through her business.

When Ceri first sought out business mentorship, she was making just under $1000 per month in gross revenue. She had a few contracts with friends who owned businesses, but no audience outside of that. She was struggling to build her business, to build an audience, and her services were greatly underpriced.

Ceri invested in mentorship because she wanted to fast track her success. Her Perfect Day consists of moving her family from the United Kingdom to Australia, where they can enjoy the sunshine and beaches 24/7 while she works remotely, with her business supporting her family and their lifestyle. This Perfect Day felt like a pipe dream – something she really wanted, but was sure would never happen.

Fast forward 3 months, and Ceri now knows this is not a pipe dream, but something that is very achievable in the near future.

In this week’s CEO Clubhouse episode, you can follow along as Ceri maps out the three biggest changes she made in her services and offerings that have enabled her to get closer to living her Perfect Day.

If you’re struggling to make enough money, get enough people in your door, and sell your services, chat with our team HERE. We’ll map out what the PDBM journey looks like, and if your business is the right fit for our program.

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