How To Add Profitability Without Adding Hours To Your Schedule

We all want to make more money as business owners. We got into business because we love what we do – many of us are technicians of our craft – but without making money, we wouldn’t be able to continue this. Making money is one thing, but being profitable is another. Most small business owners […]

When To Use Ads In Your Business

If you ask any small business owner what is stunting the growth of their business, they are going to tell you that it’s not enough leads coming in their door. If you ask them how to solve that problem, most think running ads – whether on Facebook or Google – is the answer to their […]

The Distractions Are Everywhere

A small business owner’s biggest enemy is distraction. I know you’ve felt it. I’ve felt it. You’ve got this list of very important things that need to get done, but everything’s pulling your attention in a hundred different directions. It takes just as much energy to fight those distractions than it does to just get […]

Why Your Email List Is Your Best Sales Tool

People in real life give us permission to contact them every single day, and we don’t think twice about it. When you consult with a new car salesperson, you tell them to call you when the model you’re looking for comes into stock. When you meet a new friend, they tell you to call them, […]

A Guide For Small Business Owners: How To Build Your Perfect Day

Let’s face it — You didn’t start your business to create yourself a job. Like the rest of us, we wanted to create impact for those around us, help and serve others, and have a means to contribute something back into this world. Somewhere in the mix, though, we got lost in the depths of […]

The Paralyzation of Perfect – How To Get Momentum Started In Your Business

You sit down to work on your business, and you don’t know where to start. You’ve got a to-do list that’s longer than your wingspan, a stack of bills and papers that are now covered in dust, and people knocking on your door more times than are welcomed. It’s paralyzing when you don’t know where […]

3 Things To Reflect On In 2023

I love this interim week as the current year comes to a close, and the excitement of the New Year is just slightly ahead. It’s a refreshing week. Even though it’s short, and it’s filled with all types of family holly jollies, I can bet that you as a business owner are sitting down, journal […]

Why The “Hustle” Won’t Grow Your Business

As an entrepreneur, the “grind” is what we’re after. We excel in the grind. We opened our business because we love the grind. The “hustle” of being a business owner is something we wear as a badge of honour. “Team No Sleep” is our war cry. I’m sure you’ve caught yourself saying those things before. […]

How To 10X Your Business & Move To Australia

In this week’s episode of The CEO Clubhouse podcast, we’re sharing Ceri Moore’s success story with you. Ceri Moore owns Gym Resource Pros – a virtual assistant agency for business owners in the fitness industry. In only 3 months, Ceri transformed her business from the inside out, and experienced 10X the growth in revenue and […]

5 Common Mistakes That Keep Small Business Owners Overworked and Underpaid

In the challenging journey of small business ownership, common pitfalls like not delegating enough, poor time management, underpricing services, unclear marketing, and neglecting financial management often keep hardworking entrepreneurs overworked and underpaid. These fundamental mistakes not only drain resources but also hinder the growth and sustainability of the business. Here’s how to identify and rectify […]

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