Why We Will Help 100 Small Business Owners This Year

Perfect Day Business Mentorship specializes in helping small service-based business owners earn more, while working less.

Emphasis on the “earn more, work less” part because that’s the goal: Help you build a business that funds the lifestyle you want to live.

Sometimes that means living in a different state, buying a house, affording care for your elderly parents, or simply just making it home each night to spend time with your family.

That Perfect Day is going to look different for everybody. But what looks the same in all of those pictures is the ability to choose.

It’s the freedom of money, the freedom of time, and the freedom of mind to be able to craft your life in the way that you need and want it to be.

But most small business owners can’t see that type of future. They want it, but they feel so far away from it, and don’t know how to make it happen.

I know this because I fell in that redundant-everyday-go-through-the-motions act, too.

Look, I owned my first business for 14 years. 8 of those years I spent trying to figure it out on my own. Read all the books, try the thing that everyone’s talking about, undercut my competitors down the road – you name it.

None of it worked. All of those first 8 years left me without a paycheque. I paid everything and everyone else first, and there was never enough left over for me. Credit card bills getting the very minimum payments, my student loans getting deferred, and working two other jobs at the start just to make sure I could pay the rent.

While that might be easy as a 20-year-old to maintain that level of energy and drive, it certainly isn’t as you get older, so something had to change. I was exhausted. I’d open the shop, and close the shop. I’m doing the marketing, the sales, managing the clients — everything — while still trying to be a functioning human being.

And I’ve got nothing to show for it.

A mentor helped me change my business, and therefore, changed my life. They saved my business. Not having to close my business meant I could continue to create the impact in the community that I had the ability to do, and to continue to help other people change their lives, too.

Not closing my business meant I could finally be a contributing member of my family. It meant that I had purpose, that I could get myself out of the hole that I was in, and that I could start to build the life I had always thought about, but never thought I could.

While my business changed to help me afford building a full-time team, a salary I’d never thought I’d ever achieve, and opportunities to pursue things outside of my business like investing in international real estate — the main thing it did for me was establish stability and predictability.

Nowadays, when I hear small business owners talking about how exhausted and frustrated they are, I feel it to my core. It hurts my heart because I was there too. I get those feelings. I understand it when they talk about being stuck in the mud and spinning their tires. I get what it feels to feel like you’re doing all this work and not getting anywhere.

But most of all, it hurts my heart the most when I hear a small business owner talking about wanting to close their business. This can be avoided with just a few small tweaks. It’s not as complicated as you think, but most times when you’re in this deep, it’s too hard to filter through all the noise to see the actual way out.

It’s our Mission at PDBM to impact 100 small service-based business owners this year.

That’s 100 small business owners who save their businesses from closing.

That’s 100 small business owners who finally pay themselves what they need, what they want, and most importantly – what they’re worth.

That’s 100 small business owners who learn to build systems into their businesses that help them hire teams, help them offset tasks and roles, and build a sustainable business without their presence being depended on like it might be now.

That’s 100 small business owners we can help build a new house, relocate their families, take more vacations, or just build a better work-life balance that makes them happy and feel rejuvenated by the work they are doing.

It’s not just saving the business that’s important to us.

It’s saving the business owner. It’s saving their community. It’s saving their family.

The impact is wide-spread, but it starts with one small business owner at a time.

If you need guidance, sit down for a Brainstorm Session with us. 15 minutes, and we’ll get you going with a 3-step Game Plan to implement in your business right away.

If you’re excited by the Game Plan and you want help implementing us, we’d be hyped to have you work with us. If that’s not you, worst case scenario is you walk away with something you can use to grow your business immediately.

Either way, it’s one more small business owner helped.

Here’s to all the hardworking small biz owners out there.

We see you. We want to help you!

(and if you don’t want help, but you want free stuff to grow your biz — The CEO Clubhouse is where it’s at)

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