How This Physical Therapist Earns More While Working Less

Meet Elisa Turner.

Elisa owns AMP Physical Therapy & Performance in North Carolina.

Elisa’s like many of you. She’s a mom of two, fitness connoisseur, dog lover, and amateur golf pro.

She loves helping people regain their lives back through physical therapy, and she’s a shining example of good people helping good people.

But she was also like many of you reading this, too.

A new small business owner trying to build her own thing, while working a full-time job for another company, while trying to dabble in fitness coaching, and raise two small kids.

(That was exhausting just writing that out, nevermind living it!)

When Elisa chose to go all-in on her own business instead of letting it be a side gig, she saw it as an avenue to the freedom in her day that she was looking for. She wanted to be able to be home with her family, spend time with their kids, and treat clients and build her business on her own terms and own timeframes.

This is the dream we all set out with when we first open our business, isn’t it?

Elisa took a swing at it on her own, but all she found herself in was a deeper hole, a more complicated schedule, and a new full-time job that kept her working all hours of the day.

Elisa reached out to PDBM over other specific physical therapy mentoring companies because she wanted a mentorship program that could help her see all service sides of the business. She didn’t want her clinic to be a copy-cat of someone else’s dream for their lifestyle; she wanted her clinic to be built in a way that would fund her lifestyle, build the freedom into her day that she was looking for, and provide for her family. She started working with PDBM in January of December of 2023.

Elisa has experienced some incredible success in just short of 5 months, working with her mentor, Lauren. The two of them focused on making a few small tweaks right off the start, but those small tweaks have led to enormous changes both structurally and financially in her business.

Over the past 4 months, Elisa has made more revenue than she did in all of 2023. This is in combination with working the least amount of hours IN her business, also! That’s a lethal 1-2 punch: The freedom of time, but also making the money that is necessary to fund the lifestyle you are trying to build.

Elisa’s complete story can be found on our podcast, The CEO Clubhouse.

If you’re interested in growing and scaling your business so you, too, can have the freedom of time in your day, but also make the money you want to be making – book a Brainstorm Session with us here. Our team will work with you to see what’s working and not working in your business right now, see what opportunities you have in the next 90 days, and build you a 3-step Game Plan to implement and get started on immediately. If that sounds interesting to you, that link is right here.

Way to go, Elisa! Our PDBM team is so proud of you!

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