3 Reasons You’re Ready For Business Mentorship

You’re sitting at your kitchen table.

It’s 11PM at night. It’s been a long day.

Head in your hands, you let out a big, exhausted sigh.

“Surely, this can’t be the way?” you plead with yourself.

You opened your business because you love what you do. You love your craft. You love helping people. You love watching their face light up with delight when they interact with you and your company.

Those smiles never get old.

But when you had this vision of yours all those years ago, it didn’t come with night after night of exhaustion, the fights with your spouse about your finances, and how burned out you’ve began to feel.

We opened our business because we love what we do, but we didn’t open our business to create ourselves a job for the rest of our lives, one that isn’t paying us what we need, and one that takes up all of our time so we cannot do the things we want to do.

Having a mentor to work alongside is a surefire path to helping you turn this 11PM kitchen table scenario around. There’s 3 main ways to know if you’re ready to hire a business mentor: you’ve hit a plateau, you need help filtering decisions, and you need guidance on how to find more space and time in your work-life balance.

You’ve Hit A Plateau

“I’ve done everything I know how to do, but I’m not moving forward.”

You’ve checked your bank balance again, and nothing has changed. You’re still not able to pay yourself this month, and you’ve hit the same revenue this month as you have for the last year. The frustration is real! You’ve never felt so stuck in your life – spinning your wheels in the mud, and fresh out of ideas on how to change this situation.

A business mentor can help you see the opportunities – the lowest hanging fruit – that you might be missing or just not aware of.

Sometimes that looks like changing your pricing structure, introducing how your clients come and go through your business, or what your staff hiring, onboarding, and growth strategies are. The opportunities are endless, but you don’t need to figure this all out on your own.

Better yet: A mentor can help you decide what is the easiest and quickest lever to pull so you can get the greatest ROI off each of the decisions you make!

You’re Overwhelmed With All Of The Decisions

“I wish I knew someone who’s done this before, and had someone who could guide me through what to do.”

You know the things that need to be done. The list is a thousand pages long, and the ideas are there – you just don’t know which one to act on. Even worse, you don’t have the time to think about what to do to grow your business, because you don’t have any time! The thought of spending money to have your idea not turn out – again – is also sickening, so you avoid taking action on anything.

Investing in mentorship will buy you two specific things: Speed and time.

Your mentor has been in your situation before. They’ve felt burned out, exhausted, decision-fatigued, and lost. They’ve spent the money and spent the time so that you don’t have to. They’ve made all of the mistakes so you don’t have to.

By investing in mentorship, you can avoid spending all that money and all that time, and take their shortcuts. They’ll guide you through the path with least resistance, help you avoid the same mistakes, and all the lost money they threw away.

Get there faster, and spend less money while doing it … that sounds pretty good.

Find Space And Time

“How do I stop working so much and actually have time and enough money so I can enjoy my life with my family?”

Many business owners haven’t taken a vacation in years. Or, if they did, they had to close their entire business and sacrifice income in order to take some time off.

They continuously leave the house in the early morning hours, and come home late at night. They miss dinner with their family, and show up late to their kid’s activities – or miss them all together. They’re the ones opening their businesses and closing it at night. It’s hard to make any progress when you are the nucleus at the centre of everything.

Mentorship can help you find the holes, give you strategies on how to fill them, and build the support and stability into your business so missing dinners is a thing of the past. Finding this time and financial freedom is one of the most common things we help business owners overcome. Sometimes it looks like finding opportunities within the business itself, and sometimes it comes through developing entrepreneurial skills that will help them understand how to create that balance.

If you’re feeling like you’ve hit a plateau in your business growth, that you don’t know what to do to keep progressing forward, or how to remove yourself as the dependent nucleus within your business that you’ve become – investing in mentorship can help you do just those things.

Our August roster still has some space. Book a free Discovery Call with our team, and let’s see if our mentorship program is the right fit for you and your business.

You can’t keep carrying on like this. Grinding all day and night, missing building your life with your family, and not reaping the benefits of your efforts can only last so long.

Let’s get you started on the right path to the life you envisioned your business providing.

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