The PDBM Mentor Team Is Expanding: Welcome, Lauren!

Over the last 16 months, Perfect Day Business Mentorship has had the privilege of working with small service-based businesses all over the world.

From coffee shops, meal prep companies, physiotherapists, massage therapists, HVAC, digital marketing agencies, virtual agent agencies, floor installation companies, nutrition mentorship, — you name it. PDBM has worked with all types of service-based businesses on all ends of the spectrum.

As more small business owners understand the power of having a mentor behind them, more are seeking guidance and accountability to help them take the right steps towards earning more, becoming more profitable, and working less in their business.

It’s always been PDBM’s Mission to impact 100 small business owners each year, and in order to continue that Mission, our team needed to expand.

It’s with a great pleasure we introduce Lauren Black to our PDBM Mentor team!

Lauren is the owner of Rocktown CrossFit in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and she’s a mom of two young kids.

Lauren brings years of experience behind her as she turned her business around when a 30% rent increase forced her back against the wall. She learned how to double what her average client was spending, and she’s built offerings into her program that enabled her to increase her growth by 30% each year.

The best part about Lauren is that she brings family experience with her. As a small business owner, navigating family life can be incredibly challenging at times. It’s difficult to spend the time necessary to grow your business, but also want to be at home with your family. Many small business owners lack this balance, lack the necessary structure, and end up sacrificing important time and years they could be watching their kids grow up. Lauren focused on this specifically, and has built her Perfect Day around time with her family.

Welcome to our PDBM team, Lauren!

If you’d like to book a call with our team to see if mentorship is right for you, simply click here.

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