What Do Your Clients Really Need?

Do you know why your clients come to you in the first place?

When I first started my business, I allowed anyone and everyone to join my gym. They would reach out and inquire about starting a membership with me. I would tell them how much it cost, and then they would sign up and start their classes.

At no point in this conversation did I ask them about what they were hoping to achieve, and why they were coming to me in the first place.

As my business grew and developed, we realized that in order to help more people and create deeper impact throughout their lives, we needed to know what problems they were coming to us with in the first place.

Although my first business was in the fitness industry, this concept applies to any service-based business.

At Perfect Day Business Mentorship, we work with all different types of industries that are service-based businesses. We recently worked through this strategy with a digital advertising agency, and a flooring company.

Here’s how we work through understanding how they can best serve their customers.

What Problems Do They Have?

The first step our mentees take is to understand what types of problems your customers are coming to you with, hoping that you can solve.

In the digital advertising space, their customers were needing to advertise their products and services to the specific niche that this company targets – moms. In the flooring company situation, their customers wanted to save time and energy to have their home updated to be a place that they loved coming home to.

What Problems Do You Solve?

Once you understand what types of problems your customers are coming to you with, compare the services that you currently offer. Write down one column all of the problems. In the next column, pair them with the services that you offer. There may be crossover – that’s okay.

If you find a problem that you don’t currently solve, there is an opportunity to create a new offering and generate a new revenue stream.

If you find that your current offerings don’t solve any of these problems – that’s okay. Some of our mentees experience this at first, also. Refine your programs so you can tailor them to best solve these problems, and move forward from there.

Sell Your Solutions

Now that you understand how your programs can best solve your customer’s problems, you have to show the prospective client this. Your sales process should include motivational interviewing to understand what problem they are coming to you with, and then you can point to the solution and say, “Here’s what is going to get you the result you are looking for.”

When you can start selling your services by offering solutions to your customer’s problems, you will experience better results for your customers, but also an increased revenue stream as well.

Sometimes our mentees can experience a $10,000 increase just by refining their current offerings and speaking in problems vs. solutions right away!

If you want to have a closer in-depth look at your current offerings, and learn how to properly prescribe them to your clients, book a call with our Mentor team here.

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