How To Avoid Burnout

The hardest days in my business didn’t come when we weren’t making any money.

My hardest days came when the gym was flourishing.

We were bringing in 5-8 new members a week, and classes were more full than we could handle. Our Personal Trainer’s schedules were full back to back, from start to finish. We had more ‘No Sweat Intros’ booked for the weeks ahead than we had space available for. It was some of our most abundant months.

But yet, that’s when I least enjoyed what I was doing. I hated going to work. What was my happy place, quickly became somewhere I did not want to be.

Businesses fail because the owner runs out of steam before they run out of money, generally.

In the service industry, most of us start a business because we love our craft. We love what we do, and we love helping people in all different kinds of ways.

That craft is no longer enjoyable when you’re exhausted, running out of gas, and barely scraping by.

Here’s how I turned things around.

Systemize The Small and Easy Things

Most of the things that occupied my brain space outside of my actual time spent at my business were emails, messages, thinking about my customers, responding to texts, and keeping track of them. I was also spending my time running reports, entering data, and advertising.

These smaller tasks that don’t require a lot of thinking can usually be systemized, and sometimes even automated. If you could make one hire for someone you could delegate these small things to, how much time would that free up for yourself?

Hire To Scale Yourself Up

When you’re wearing all the hats in your business, the most valuable exercise you can do is something we call the Value Ladder. If you took a piece of paper and wrote all of the roles that you play within your business, and all their corresponding tasks – which would fall at the bottom of the Value Ladder? Meaning, which are worth the least amount of money per hour to perform?

Those are the tasks that we want to make a hire for. We want to delegate all the lower valued tasks to a new hire, to free you up so you can work more on the growth of your company instead of being bogged down by the day-to-day things.

The trick then becomes to make sure you’re replacing those low-value tasks with high-value tasks. This is time spent actually working ON your business, to ensure that it grows!

I use mentors in my own business to make sure that I am always focusing on the right things and pointing my shoulders in the right directions. A mentor can help you take the steps to avoid burning out, so your business can thrive for many years to come. Book a call with my team here.

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