How Does PDBM Mentorship Work?

Perfect Day Business Mentorship is a 1-on-1 mentorship program.

We work with our clients 1-on-1 because this method elicits the fastest results.

We are invested in your success, just as much as you are, and we want to help you achieve that as fast as possible.

So what does it look like to work with PDBM? 

First, we want to see if our program is the perfect fit for you. Then, you’ll start with our Good Day Mentorship Program to build the foundation of your business. From there, you’ll graduate into our Great Day Mentorship Program where we will focus on the growth of your business. When your business has reached a specific profitability, coupled with a level of independence, our Perfect Day Mentorship Program is the perfect place to focus your next steps in. 

Are We A Perfect Fit?

Not everyone is the right fit to work with PDBM. We want to help clients who are ready, willing, and able to make changes in their business to become more profitable and achieve freedom of time.

It’s important that you are a service-based small business, above all things. 

The first step to starting your mentorship journey is to book a call with our team here.

In this call, our team will ask you some specific questions about:

  • the current metrics of your company
  • your Vision for your company and your Perfect Day
  • your time availability to work on growing your business

If PDBM is the right fit for you, you will be paired with a mentor. 

Our Client Success team takes into consideration your goals, your requests, your time, your location, your type of business, and your personality to find the best suited mentor for you.

Your mentor will work with you to book your first call, and you will be given access to your first series of programs: Good Day Mentorship Program.

It’s important that you take the first steps to set aside time in your calendar for this mentorship investment. Showing up to the meetings is not enough. Time spent each day growing your business is how you will elicit the best results possible, and maximize your ROI on mentorship quickly. 

More on our Good Day Mentorship Program next week. 

But for now, if you’re ready to begin your mentorship journey with PDBM, you can book a call with our team here!

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