3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Should Focus On Solving Customer Problems

As a service-based business, it’s important to get your marketing messages across by focusing on how you can solve your customer’s problems. An effecting marketing strategy is essential for success. But far too often, owners focus too much on what features their company has, and is left blending in with all the other similar businesses in town. Instead, let’s talk about three reasons why you should be focusing on the solving your customer’s problems, rather than features!

Build Trust With Your Customers

On any given day, your customers are searching for terms that replicate what types of problems they are struggling with. You catch their attention when you talk in their language, which is about the problems and struggles they are facing. When they see something that makes them think, “Yeah, that’s me! That’s exactly how I feel right now!” they are more likely to make contact and express interest.

If you don’t know what types of problems you can solve, ask your best customers why they first sought you out, and why they continue to come. That will give you some quick and credible insight into what problems you solve best for your customers.

Differentiate Yourself From The Competition

Showing how your business solves customer problems is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from competitors who are only focused on the features they offer. By demonstrating that you understand your customer needs, and that you have solutions to specific challenges gives you a competitive edge and sets you apart in your industry.

As an example from the fitness industry, if a customer is looking for a personal trainer in your town, they might end up comparing prices and picking the lowest option, if that’s all the information they are given. Differentiate yourself by showing client results and testimonials, or by telling stories of how you helped one person overcome specific struggles they were experiencing.

This is guaranteed to grab the attention of your prospective clients, and create more interest in your services.

Build Long Term, High Value Clients

When your prospective customers understand that your services provide meaningful solutions to their needs, they are going to be more likely to commit to long-term services with you. This might mean you have recurring services with them that help make your finances predictable, or, you will have returning visitors for long periods of time.

If we can create higher valued clients who become long-term clients, the need for always chasing front-end sales decreases. It’s a win-win. You continue to solve your customer’s needs time and time again, and they choose to return and consistently do business with you.

If you want your service-based business to stand out from the competition and ensure you’re providing value for customers, changing your marketing strategy to emphasize how your services solve customer problems rather than just listing features is key!

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