3 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Business Mentor

Most of us started our business because we loved our craft, and wanted to share it with the world. I started out as a fitness coach and I wanted to help people change their lives. That didn’t mean I knew how to run a profitable business. A common story of small business owners everywhere – most likely yours, too.

There are 3 reasons why every small business owner should have a mentor: They can buy you speed and time, they will help you take action on strategies that will grow your business, and they have networks and connections that can provide opportunities for your business. 

Buying Speed & Time

I have spent a lot of money and a lot of time making mistakes in my entrepreneurial journey. This became extremely difficult to navigate when tough situations would present themselves. Most of my early days as a business owner, I guessed at what the right action to take was. It either meant another month of not making enough money, or pulling myself back into the business and not making it home at a reasonable time for yet another night in a row. 

Our PDBM Mentors have already been through these difficult scenarios, and they’ve spent thousands of dollars to find the solutions. When you ask your mentor, “I have a staff member who isn’t performing,” or, “I’ve lost 15 clients this month, how can I get that revenue back?” they will either have the answers for you, and the necessary steps to take to solve your problem.

If you could accomplish the same things you wanted to, but save yourself money and get there faster – would that not be worth it to you? A PDBM Mentor can help you with this.

Accountability & Guidance

We give out a lot of free resources at Perfect Day Business Mentorship. This information is all out there in our free Facebook group, designed to help small business owners become more profitable and grow their business. Even still, when we follow up with business owners who we have sent those documents to, they state that they read it but did not do anything with it.

Information is not your problem. Inaction is.

You can have all of the information in the world, but it won’t help you unless you take action on that information.

Whether it’s not knowing what you should be doing, or the fact that you’re not actually getting anything done that will grow your business – these are two very specific and important things that a PDBM Mentor can help you with. 

Our PDBM Mentors will design a plan over the course of 12 months that will help you achieve your Perfect Day. They will break that plan down into 90 day segments, and then again into monthly segments. For some of our clients, it’s even broken further down into weekly segments.

From there, your PDBM Mentor will follow-up along the way and make sure that you are taking action on the steps that are necessary. 

Afterall, information is just that if it’s not being acted upon. The growth of your company depends on action. Your PDBM Mentor is the key connection between information and action.

Networks & Connections

Our PDBM collective of mentors works together to make sure our clients are best connected, and have access to the necessary resources to help them grow their businesses. If it’s not connecting our clients to each other, or to other mentors, it might be specialists within their industry or relevant communities. This will help them expand their reach and build their audience. 

The power of a network is incredible, and should be leveraged by the business owner as needed.

We have coaches for many different things in our life that we don’t think twice about. It might look like a fitness coach to help you get in shape, a nutrition coach to help you become healthier, or even a financial advisor to guide you how to build your wealth. 

Having a PDBM Mentor behind you means that you can save yourself time and spending unnecessary money, while finding the fastest path to your goals and being held accountable to get the work done, and building new connections to help propel the growth of your business.

If you’re ready to add a business mentor to your team of success, book a FREE Discovery Call with us here. Let’s see if PDBM is the right fit for you, and build a plan to help you achieve your Perfect Day.

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